Glenda’s Last Tattoo

Did you vote for Trump in the last election? Glenda didn't, and she's got the tattoos to prove it.

A short documentary made as part of the #SOUNDTRACKS project for Tristan C. Anderson's new album. For each film Tristan’s music acts as a score to the documentary, and the documentary acts as visuals for the music. You can stream / download the album here

Glenda is a local legend in Portland. I had heard about her and seen photos online but I had no idea how to contact her. Around the time I was wondering how get in touch Tristan reached out about the Soundtracks project and it seemed like a great fit to put the two together. Soon after I ran in to Glenda on the street and we arranged to have coffee. At one point in the conversation she mentioned she was planning to get a final tattoo done, and she kindly let me tag along.